7 thoughts on “My interview in Adyar Talk – February 6th Edition

  1. Very nice! It was really good to read about your passion for cartoons. You should consider publishing a cartoon for films that come out as your way of ‘reviewing’ them.
    One of my fav cartoons to have made a funny statement was drawn by Madan circa 1995 when Ramarajan became an MP. He painted a parliament like image with a bunch of characters in white and white and just one character in violet and white, which of course was our Naatupura nayagan!
    I really like your cartoons for its wit, esp. Simbu’s! :))
    Keep going!

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  2. Ram Murali : Great suggestion on the cartoon for films. I was trying something like that but left it half way. What Id really like to do is illustrate ‘Amma I understand you’ but its quite a challenge though I have a fair idea of how the gentle but hard bitten character of Amma of the story should be visualized.

    Ofcourse, if actress Srividhya were alive……….



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  3. I am absolutely floored, Ravishanker! I would be totally honored (and humbled, needless to say) if you were to develop a cartoon for either of those write-ups. With Srividya, if you were to somehow find a way to project her on screen persona and off screen travails, that would be so incredible.
    With regard to Lakshmi teacher (from my story), I would be genuinely interested to see how you interpret her.
    You have gotten me absolutely intrigued now. In actor Vijay’s style, “I am waiting!” 🙂 Thank you.

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  4. Ram Murali : On reading your story the picture of Lakshmi teacher which comes to me is that of a woman who speaks in slow measured tones with a voice tending to be on the huskier side, a voice like actress Lakshmi (a coincidence) but not with her (actress Lakshmi’s ) emotional peaks and valleys. Her English tends to be accentless. She wears light coloured framed spectactles, old fashioned frames like herself, she is a devotee of Maha Periyavar , she doesn’t wear jewellery and tends to drape her saree fully around her person the way a woman does when protecting herself from the cold.

    I have seen a few Lakshmi teachers in my life (none of them were teachers incidentally). They command respect from those outside her home but what you’ve captured is amazingly uncanny in that the opposition and resistance comes from their own backyard, usually in the form of a son or daughter. Another detail that you’ve beautifully captured is the character of the husband. Again, from personal observation, I found the husbands (without exception in each case) to be pliant but not blasé – they prefer to actively keep quiet knowing that any more argument would be counter productive and have a quiet faith that reason is bound to descend on the “warring” parties.

    Lakshmi teacher’s own struggle tends to make her sarcastic and bitter at times when things don’t go according to her aspirations. At some time in her life she may been forced to do things she would die rather than do like working up the courage to borrow money or essentials from a relative or neighbor.

    With regard to her sarcasm, a typical scene after an exam might look like this. (Lakshmi teacher to son Sanjay) “Yenna ? Maths Exam mark enna aachchu ?” (Sanjay) “Eighty thaandala” (Lakshmi teacher – resignedly sarcastic) “(Sigh) Adhukkellaam Bhagavaan oada anugraham vaynumdaa !” (Sanjay retorting – equally headstrong and arrogance personified) “Anugraham ellaaam vayndaam. Padichchaa poadhum !”

    What a lovely story ! Hats off to you



    • Ravishanker – thank you so much for your kind comments. The Lakshmi teacher of the story is based on a teacher that I know (and am related to). Your vivid descriptions are all very much in line with this person that I know. I look forward to your visual description as well since your verbal descriptions are as vivid as I could imagine 🙂

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