A tribute to one of my Top 5 Favourite actors by  my friend Ram Murali

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  1. How can you miss and not report about the role of his life – in the Sivasankari DD drama on TV which brought him to mainstream popuarity?
    Oru Manidhanin Kadhai – that serial and the acting in that was something to talk about.


  2. Ravishanker – thank you thank you thank you so much! I really appreciate you posting it here.
    And, thanks Ravi Karthik. Yes, “Manidhanin Kadhai” was extremely thought provoking and disturbing. It assumes an extra dimension when I think now of how Raghuvaran supposedly had lots of issues with alcoholism in real life too. A case of real and reel lives being uncannily and unfortunately similar.


  3. Ram Murali : My pleasure entirely ! Yes – the real and reel lives were similar (unfortunately). One can only speculate what greater heights he may have attained had he gotten over his addiction. But I guess he had this self destructive streak.


    • Yes, Ravishanker. Absolutely. Nasser is the one other character actor who has managed his personal life well to ensure that he has been able to maximize his abilities. But there was something absolutely special about Raghuvaran. Hard to explain but I have always rated him higher than Nasser (a close second, in my opinion) and Prakashraj (talented but too ‘out of control’ in his performances for my taste)…

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  4. Ram Murali : Yes – Nasser’s versatility and range is amazing. We’re really fortunate that these 3 actors are from Tamil cinema.

    Agree with you in Raghuvaran based on my “ticket” test. i.e Assuming only one of the above three are in a movie for which actor’s movie would you buy a ticket. Undoubtedly Raghuvaran.

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