RRRexit Raghuram Rajan


10 thoughts on “CARTOON: RRREXIT

  1. Good one – RBInna ennanun theriyathavannellan RR exit patthi mass mediyavula paesaran – Monetary economicsa vuda Monitoring economics thaan ippo fashion..

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    • Ha Ha Thanks Vijay ! I reckon I’m the most guilty one as far as your observation goes. Maybe the glamour surrounding RRR also has something to do with it perhaps ? He looks a lot like Ben Kingsley in his younger days and he is a marathoner to boot 🙂 🙂

      Thanks for checking out the cartoon !


  2. Ravishanker – that was awesome!! I love how you crisply summarize an issue with wit, without hitting below the belt. Superb detailing, esp. RR’s hairstyle and suit n tie…

    Splendid work, once again…

    Manivannan write-up indha Friday kulla mudichidren…sorry for the delay…hope you had a lovely Father’s Day…I am sure your son looks up to you in myriad ways…


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