Second Day on Campus Frame 1B



Second Day on Campus Frame 2B









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Chartered Account by day, cartoonist and Writer by night, passionate athlete at twilight and dutiful householder on weekends  There are people who make things for the Western markets and those who do the same for the Indian market. I make cartoons for an audience who are rooted culturally in India but who are spiritually agile enough to assume Western sensibilities - who swear by Quentin Tarantino AND David Dhawan / Bharathiraja in the same breath - I make cartoons for this audience - the INDIAN diaspora in INDIA !


    1. Thanks Hari ! “Some memories are etched” (Sigh) Wish this was a memory in the first place. Not much chance of that in Namma Madras and its segregated colleges. Oh yes I did do an audit of WCC once and most of the time I was in the vehicle park following the radio commentary.


  1. Ravishanker – that was an unexpected punch line there! Loved it! I thought that you would take a jab @ the censors there! 🙂

    This cartoon reminds me of quite a hilarious (but slightly risque joke) from “Rhythm” (2:14 min – 3:01 point)


    1. Ram Murali : Thanks a heap ! That Rhythm joke was definitely a wrong ‘un ! Only Manivannan could have pulled off that gag – too good.

      This one of mine has been quite a long time in the making – I was more inspired by the WIPRO Santhoor soap ad.

      Thanks again !


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