Sarasa Miss breathed her last on 5th July’ 16.

To echo my classmate, she was perhaps the last of the breed of teachers of an era when studies was next to values. We fondly remember all the debates we had in her class.

In our 25th year reunion she mentioned that she knew what her nickname was.

R.I.P  Sarasa Miss


Credit Mantri



  1. Ravishanker – looks like this cartoon has in-jokes for your school mates. But what I will say is that this is very well sketched, esp. the facial features of the woman in the pic as well as the raised eyebrows and lecturing posture of the man. Nicely done!


    • Ram Murali : Really grateful for your taking the time to go through my work. Means a lot to me !

      The lady in the pic is our teacher and the “lecturing guy” is a classmate – a real mate in the best Aussie sense of the word for all of us in our batch.

      The gag is based on one of her refrains when distributing the test papers ‘Those who do well….continue to do well…those who do badly continue to do badly…”


  2. ‘Those who do well….continue to do well…those who do badly continue to do badly…’

    –> idha paathu thaan Sujatha Sir “Rich get richer, poor get poorer”-nu ezhudhinaaro in “Sivaji” ? :))

    Two of my favorite refrains from teachers:
    “Chillldren…no murmur whisper…silence…SYYYYlence…” (Hindi teacher)
    “Dirty idiot I say…this kind of attitude and all… (Science teacher). The way she said it of course was, “Dirtyyidiyatisay…this kind aaf attitude undaaal…” She tried to tell us that “this kind of attitude” (we were quite a handful) would get us nowhere in life. But she found great pleasure in ending her sentence with “and all…” and left it to our imagination :))

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    • Ram Murali : After reading this I have this irresistible urge to rin away and go to school.

      Luckily some good samaritan discovered Whatsapp. When we enter the WA group like Alice through the Looking Glass its as if we ve become juveniles again ready to be released from our incubator onto an unsuspecting world !

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