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  1. This was wonderfully done! This is one of your moat densely packed (with detail) cartoonz…loved the textual call outs in this one…the expression on the guy”s face on the right was a classic! Kalakiteenga as always!

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  2. Thanks Ram Murali ! Thats a Warren Buffet term (“Moat”). My son will be very happy. He’s a big Buffet fan.

    Re: the expression on the son’s face, I was wondering whether that idiom would be lost on viewers but you really picked up that one.

    Thanks !


  3. Ravishanker – I must admit to something rather sheepishly. I typed “moat” as a typo! I meant to type “most.” I didn’t know what ‘moat’ meant (in the buffet context) and I looked it up after seeing your comment 🙂

    You know what I thought of adding (in my mind) to the cartoon – below the maalai poatta pic is a sign that says “Slippers outside please!”

    Great job, once again!

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    • Ram Murali : Really love your comments. And dont worry about the sheepish part. I’ve been in that situation myself. Lets just say the harder you practice the luckier you get 🙂

      That input on “Leave your slippers outside” is a killer considering that Shivnath Singh ran barefoot 🙂

      Should have checked with you first

      Muchas Gracias Senore !

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