12 thoughts on “CARTOON : HOTEL FOR PETS I

  1. That was lovely, Ravishanker. I am traveling today but once I reach home, I am going to show it to my 4-year old to see what he makes out of this! The sketching of the octopus was beautifully done!
    Two details that I really liked – the fact that the octopus shows an id of sorts (with a smaller image of the octopus; that’s a swell touch!) to check in. And also, the reception desk: the 8 vertical panels on the desk – that’s surely not a coincidence, right?!
    Can’t wait to see how you tear into the Cauvery issue with a cartoon!

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    • Ram Murali : YOU”RE HIRED !

      Yes – Please put me to the test of your 4 year old :):) (the ultimate test in my opinion)

      That “eight vertical panels” is beyond my pay scale. There are only two people who would have thought of that……like that fish motif in The Godfather before Luca Brasi meets his end – one is Francis Ford Coppola and the other is …………Ram Murali.

      Way to go !


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