1. Good one Zola ( as always !!) … Just amazing ( and a major irritant for me) how the soap operas have withstood the test of time.. Gone are the Nukkad, Yeh jo hain Zindagi, Wagle ki duniya..etc and we are only left with more and more of these …….
    Apart from scheming, another reason could be that these serials are so bad, the tv actors themselves don’t like them and are embarrassed to be seen watching them 🙂

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    • Deb :

      You said IT ! Looks like in the world of TV entertainment, scarcity is bliss.

      You made a great point regarding the acting.

      Actually my experience has been the one of inverse proportion.
      Its the better acted serials that increase my blood pressure since the plots are creepy.

      The badly acted ones are enjoyable because they pass off as COMEDY !


  2. LOL! That was very imaginative! Marlon Brando and a thamizh TV serial – who else would’ve thought but you! Brando’s face was amazingly done, esp the creases on the forehead and the puffed up cheeks. I also loved the detailing of the character in the TV screen. (“420” – vera oru number-um theriyadhu indha TV serial aatkaluku!!)

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  3. Ram Murali : “Dei Kanna – Nee Thoongavay maattiyaa ?!!” (Gauravam Act V Scene III) LOL

    Really love it when you catch the details -especially the ‘420’.
    And the ‘nakkal’ comment was hilarious “vera oru number-um theriyadhu indha TV serial aatkaluku!!”

    My colleague made a comment “These women also sleep in their finery and jewels 24 X 7”

    The “thatha” Corleone could have been better – didnt entirely apply the lessons learned from doing the Sathyaraj-Manivannan caricature (Many Many Thanks to you for that one)


  4. (Mr.K.Balakumar who writes a weekly humour column “Crank’s Corner” for Talk Media group of publications writes in through email)

    Good one, Zola. And I don’t say this for general nicety or out of vague politeness. You sure have a smart sense of humour.

    If I am allowed to nitpick, Koandhay though is not just a Kallidarkurichi dialect. It is common elsewhere (mostly in Brahminical households though). But it is the use such endearing terms that make a cartoon, or for that matter any writing, more accessible to the common people. You have a knack for it.

    Keep ’em coming.

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  5. Mr.Balakumar : I’m so so happy and honored to read your comments !

    You’re bang in the corridor about the usage of certain terms to make writing more accessible.

    Ofcourse you have a way of articulating it which is in a different league but at the same time with utter lack of pretense – very difficult to pull off.

    I particularly loved your outrageously hilarious take on the movie “Remo” and the stalking issue (Stalk Home Syndrome)


    Thanks again !


  6. Is this your 420th cartoon..? …good sketch and content zola..old man must have been a wrestler in his youth…good way to build muscle in your content…ha..ha…I woukd love to see Ganesan in your sketch ..anyway all of them run in multiples of 420 episodes…the kid in your cartoon may literally grow up with the soap opera..may outlive her too…solution to the no sibling households today…its been long since we forgot quality in all aspects…only quantity and noise matters…may be that’s what is meant by sound quality…

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