If you like this cartoon, please cast your ‘Like’ on the Facebook link of the US Consulate Chennai Cartoon Contest between October 29th to November 7th.


Do check out K.Balakumar’s rib tickling article on the US Elections in Talk Media (link below)




11 thoughts on “CARTOON: THE U.S ELECTIONS 2016

  1. Ravishanker – you are on a roll these days. The wit level of your cartoons has increased manifold! Trump & Godfather’s faces were superbly sketched. ‘Chief foot-in-mouth’ has to be the funniest title ever! ‘Dances with Squaws’ and ‘Running playmate’ were other hilarious descriptions! I am not on facebook, else I would’ve clicked on ‘Like’ ten times! Will share this with my family/friends. Best of luck! And, great job, once again!

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  2. Great job picking the US election apart, Ravishanker. I have quite enjoyed your last few cartoons even if I haven’t commented on them. (Especially the one on REMO.) I’m not on FB but I will ask my husband to click on a ‘Like’ for you. 🙂

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  3. Welcome to my space Anu !

    And a Big Thank you for checking out my wares.

    I’m a keen follower of your posts and cogent, well marshalled and beautifully articulated comments on online forums.

    (Actually makes my head spin a bit !)

    Thanks for your hubby’s Like also 🙂


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