1. As always, Ravi, very pithy in choice of words, pictures etc. Appreciate your ability to focus on so much of detailing in every cartoon of yours. Hats off!!!


  2. Thanks Vasu ! Very kind of you to take time out to check this and comment. The detailing is a constant process and carries on till the very end i.e till the post is published – just like studying a para before entering the exam hall :):)

    And the icing on the cake is having the details noticed.
    Thats very very encouraging


  3. Brilliantly done, Ravishanker! Sorry for the late response; have been traveling for work. This is probably your most complex cartoon ever. “Buck Stops Here” was an amazingly creative play of words! I especially liked the glass piece shaped like a knife. What irony! A knife-like device to get rid of guns! “Deposit your old AK47s here!” – Awesome sauce!


    • Ram Murali : Thanks so much for your comments !

      ” I especially liked the glass piece shaped like a knife”
      I guess I was channeling ‘Pushpak’ a ka Paysum padam :):)

      But what I need to internalize better is your work ethic – responding promptly but not losing focus at work. I’ve failed to do both of late.
      I’ve become one of those junkies – WhatsApp before brushing teeth !


  4. Another master piece on the master stroke by Modi.

    The zoomed Modiji face is quite likely appearing in the nightmares of some of our co-citizens.


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