1. “it is probably a emotional attachment to a place which ensures emotions surface from the forgotten facets of your cerebral lobes to emote feelings to feter the unfettered mind while the immediate impact of the transaction will have no bearing on the impedients to emotions on the transactional plane of performing the petulance of pent-up feelings about the happenings of a distant place in the memory of the transactor ..”
    ppah. my ramblings a la JK style on how the mind connects with the heart on this KFI matter.

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  2. Wow! This is a brilliant cartoon — the faces are so amazingly detailed. You have to be rated the best Brando cartoonist. Pacino was also excellent. Great work! (Sorry – traveling in the UK for work; hence the delay.)


  3. Ram Murali : Thanks a ton !

    The Brando was very painful to execute and so am more relieved than anything else.

    Absolutely no need for apologies. Your comments are far more valuable than an assured return policy.

    I’d urge you to take a a couple of weeks more – catch up on everything AT LEISURE and then post your comments.

    When something is done under the gun and clock it isnt quite that pleasurable like the way I catch up on my Peanuts and Calvin & Hobbes every morning. Its a painful ritual but I simply have to do it and am trying to rejig my day to avoid this pitfall.


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