1. “The Hindu” your love for them continues for last 4 decades ..for life time they should honour you with a complimentary copy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


  2. Vaikunth Thanks for noticing the “love” !

    Considering the unjustified price rise, Rs.6 for the weekend paper from Rs.5 (and Rs.4 just a few months ago) with 2 more layers of Real Estate and Cell phone ads before one digs in and reaches the headlines, I really deserve a complimentary copy πŸ™‚

    Warren Buffet would have gladly invested in The Hindu. Its got a great moat (which is crumbling slowly but surely) but its a PAGE TURNER

    – I’ve gone from reading the paper to turning the paper trying desperately to find something sensible to read barring Mr.Bishwanath Ghosh’s column and Baradwaj Rangan’s review.

    The Live Mint and First Post offer better business news coverage.

    So what’s left ?

    The Crime Beat ? (An AIADMK functionary was hacked to death at the Panchayat office over a real estate dispute , etc etc)


  3. Demonetizus Modicus — in vadivelu (singaravelan) baashai, “Only You Possible!” Pinniteenga…the conception of this cartoon is as ingenious as the execution is so well-done…”LABorious” was another brilliant pun!

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  4. Ram Murali : Thanks so much ! I personally thought this one was special. I tend to prefer gags where you actually dont show the main players in the drama being played out and try to get as oblique as possible. This one deosnt quite get there but still it was very satisfying to execute.

    Thanks for noticing the LAB ! It was meant more as a dig at “page turners” passing off as newspapers packed with Full page Cell phone and Real Estate (AND jewellery) ads.


    • Thats a Vijai outswinger :):)

      Well the answer is (obviously) no.

      The World Bank recommends and inclines…sometimes it compels πŸ™‚

      I’m not sure what I was channeling while thinking up this particular gag…probably MAD magazine ………(I think)


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