I feel like the earthling in that painting by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel – One hand is raised towards the heavens and is met by another (heavenly) hand from Heaven – in a brief touch and the point at which the hands meet there is a small flash of light.

(You can replace the flash of light with  ‘twitter notification in my  gmail account’)

Would this have been possible thirty years ago ??!!

There is the story of this boy who kept writing to Charles Chaplin but never got  a reply.

After  many years he chanced to meet Chaplin in person and Charlie asked him “ That was you ? Why did you stop writing ??”

(Too bad the internet wasn’t around then)

Thank God I’m around in the age of the Internet !

I was floating over the moon for a day – then next day its  again back to the drawing board.


CARTOON : “BEFIKRE”….An underwhelming rom-com with some interesting ideas






Zola’s Note :

Sunil Gavaskar was controversy’s child. He wrote his autobiography, ‘Sunny Days’,  at the ripe “old” age of 26 and the book was an instant best seller. He confessed that apart from the fact that at that time he was the media’s blue eyed boy, the book’s success  was more due to its controversial contents than the subject matter.

For instance, in one chapter he mentions that he wasn’t in the least impressed by the Lord’s cricket ground – a place that any Indian cricket fanatic would  die to visit. This naturally caused a stir but he has never deviated from that view  to this day.

The ground slopes from one end to the other.  And on one occasion, after England were trailing miserably,  rain came to the rescue and  promptly  Ray Illingworth (captain of England) and  left arm spinner Derek Underwood exploited the conditions  and spun the opposition out of the game…….by having Underwood bowl towards  the slope which soaked up the rain !


My friend Ram Murali was recently in England on a business trip and seized the chance to visit the “Vaikundam” of cricket.


Check out the details of his “darshan” :


Ram Murali blogs at :




(Zola’s Note) : My siblings and I used to go past her house everyday to go to school nearby, we lived  in an apartment complex diagonally opposite her house in Poes Garden. This was before 1980 when she was still working in the film industry.  But strange that I never really got to see her in person and extreme close quarters until  2001 when she came to inaugurate the World Bank’s new office in Chennai.