CARTOON : “BEFIKRE”….An underwhelming rom-com with some interesting ideas





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Chartered Account by day, cartoonist and Writer by night, passionate athlete at twilight and dutiful householder on weekends  There are people who make things for the Western markets and those who do the same for the Indian market. I make cartoons for an audience who are rooted culturally in India but who are spiritually agile enough to assume Western sensibilities - who swear by Quentin Tarantino AND David Dhawan / Bharathiraja in the same breath - I make cartoons for this audience - the INDIAN diaspora in INDIA !

3 thoughts on “CARTOON : “BEFIKRE”….An underwhelming rom-com with some interesting ideas”

  1. Whoa! That was incisive! Aditya Chopra needs to see this…immediately!!
    The best part were the dialogues and the puns on befikre – be nikr (!) and be liqqr (!!).
    Kelloggs and Cereal Kissing were amazingly creative!
    With the cartoon, you also managed to capture the fact that the physical intimacy in befikre was just physical, not intimate in an aesthetic sense…
    Kizhi kizhi nu kizhichuteenge (Kala Master baashai!)

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    1. Ha Ha Ram Murali ! When I saw your retweet I wondered ‘dei kanna nee thoongavaymaattiyaa ?”.

      Thank you Thank you so much – Especially for latching onto the puns.

      I was channeling Mad magazine big time in this instance. Their movie satires were rip roaring. Considering that our movie scene is also getting very interesting, maybe its time to do something like Alfred E Neuman in India.

      Having said that I found this very very stressful to do and was glad that I could complete it amidst other work. I was going over the various poses in even after lights out and hitting the sack but come execution time and things didnt work out the way I wanted them to so I had to keep certain stuff simple.


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