My LAST Cartoon for the year 2016






  1. Happy New Year, Ravishanker!
    Just logged back into my computer after the holidays.
    Very witty cartoon as always!
    There is none to match your yen for the pun 🙂
    Sunny days and one day “blunders” were mighty cool touches.
    The details on the faces and even the cricket equipment was extremely well done.
    With Manal Kayiru-2 being released, you should consider doing a cartoon with Modi and Visu titled, “Modi Masthaan!” (In case you didn’t know, Manal Kayiru was adapted from Visu’s play titled, “Modi Masthaan”) :))

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  2. Ah THERE you are deah boy. And Wish you a Happy New Year !

    You must have gone to Devil’s Kitchen (Guna Caves) to be offline for so long.
    Jus’ kidding.

    So glad that you are back and checking out my stuff. I was kinda ‘ee oattufying’ courtesy your absence

    Nice connection re: Modi Masthaan

    I wanted a connection between Gavaskar and Modi and thats where the Sunny Days came in.

    Only a rabid cricket fan like you could have sussed out the ‘One day Blunders’. Its Sunny’s most entertaining book.


  3. One day wonders was a great read! I have it as part of the Gavaskar omnibus, at home – Sunny Days, this one & Idols. My favorite is Idols just for how it evoked his many inspirations in such loving fashion.

    No more ee oattifying, both of us 🙂 2017 idho varom!

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    • “both of us🙂 2017 idho varom!” I’ll drink to that !

      I personally found One Day Wonders the breeziest read among the omnibus (nice term ! – I’ll remember to use that somewhere)/ It ahd teh classic ingredients – Rise Fall Rise

      Idols was gifted to me on my birthday by my class (only the girls – this point maybe noted your honour)

      The first few chapters were great especially the one on Andy Roberts but later you could see he was under some strain to ‘get the damn thing over with”.

      Sunny days ofcourse was special.

      In One Day Wonders I liked one particular observation of Allan Lamb on Azharuddin’s batting. “He makes it look so easy. For him batting is like ‘f…’ Just go out and do it”


  4. (only the girls – this point maybe noted your honour)
    –> Papaji Kudhur Mein Nahin nu solreengaley 😉

    I remember the Allan Lamb quote. I also remember how Gavaskar recollects that Bedi (who was a selector then) was gunning for people like Gavaskar and to get at them indirectly, would say that people over 30 should retire (or something to that effect). And, when Mohinder Amarnath ran out Moshin Khan (in the 87 all-out match), Gavaskar and Madan Lal congratulated him saying, “Sabaash OT!” (OT for “over thirty!”)

    His one book that I didn’t like was “Runs n Ruins.” It seemed to have just one agenda item – attack Kapil. It was a cussed piece of writing, revealing things that should have been team secrets. Have u read it?

    Comment #500 naana? I am privileged 🙂

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    • Ravishanker – do you, by any chance, know how I could get the videos of the “Sunil Gavaskar Presents” TV series that Sunny hosted in the ’87-88 timeframe? I vividly remember the Srikkanth episode where the latter recounted the experience of being sledged by (Australian spinner) Ray Bright and how he gave it back in full measure!

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  5. Ram Murali : Would love to get my hands on THAT one. Or better still the program on Doordarshan :”heroes of ’83 featuring Sunny and Kamalahasan – Sunny came out too good and Kamal really screwed it up.

    Sunil Gavaskar is on Twitter but not very active I gather. Maybe we can set the ball rolling with a tweet ? His business partner at that time (some Shah) probably has the rights.


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