A landmark film about a defining, stormy period in Tamilnadu’s history and  NOT ONE  native tamil actor  in any of the main roles.

Truly Amazing !

’20 Years of  Iruvar’ – A reminiscence  by my friend Ram Murali

Check it out at :

Ram Murali blogs at :






2 thoughts on “CARTOON : 20 YEARS OF ‘IRUVAR’

  1. Ravishanker – I am delighted to be the first to comment. AMAZINGLY CREATIVE CARTOON. I looked at it while drinking my tea this morning and I almost spilled it given the fact that I broke into laughter instantaneously! You packed a whole lot of wit into this! Kizhi! As always amazing detailing of the faces, the hairstyle and the costumes!

    And, thank you so much for your kind reference to my write-up. I am grateful for all the acknowledgment.

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  2. Ram Murali : Really super gratified by your reaction. I was doing something else and you “diverted” me into doing this. Frankly, I wouldnt have gone this path without your article. Really love doing this one.

    Thanks to you all the way !


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