• Thanks a bunch Athul ! Gounder is ina class of his own. That line of dialogue is amazing to say the least. It’s still relevant and usable after 20 years. I was stunned to find that a kid in my office asked what that dialogue was about 😦


  1. Am I delighted or what, to see Counds on a cartoon! Superbly done, Ravishanker! Banana-la Injection! It’s not the first time you are doing Modi but I am amazed how subtly different you sketch him each time…wonderful!

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  2. Ram Murali : The Gounds caricature is for the Gounds cheerleading squad drawn (pun intended) from various walks of life and geographies of which you and Athul are prominent members. He;s really easy on the drawing pen – like Manivannan.

    Thanks for noting the Modi changes. I’m not there yet. Hopefully I’ll freeze it some time. Its more a testimony to my shortcomings as a cartoonist !


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