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Chartered Account by day, cartoonist and Writer by night, passionate athlete at twilight and dutiful householder on weekends  There are people who make things for the Western markets and those who do the same for the Indian market. I make cartoons for an audience who are rooted culturally in India but who are spiritually agile enough to assume Western sensibilities - who swear by Quentin Tarantino AND David Dhawan / Bharathiraja in the same breath - I make cartoons for this audience - the INDIAN diaspora in INDIA !


  1. Really nicely done. The faces and postures of the man, woman and child were so well done…having a 4-year old made me appreciate the ‘oblivious to what’s happening around me, my eyes will be affixed to the screen’ pose!
    Living room-a swimming pool maari aakiteengaley, LOL! The face of the mafia guy with the suruttu mudi was superb!

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  2. Ha Ha Ram Murali !

    That was simply superb ! This line really makes me nostalgic.’my eyes will be affixed to the screen’ pose!’

    It would have been even more authentic the little boy had been shown halfway through digging his nose.

    Thanks a ton !

    I’ve got an assignment for you.

    Now, put on your best Hitchcock cinema appreciation hat and write a para on the inferences you make about the couple in the picture and the situation in general.

    oru katturai yezhudhu paarpoam πŸ™‚

    First question….Is this a living room ? If not then where ?

    (i’m afraid to ask but I hope the gag was sufficiently clear – I live in perennial fear of that and escape by the skin of my teeth everytime someone confirms that YES they understood it )


  3. Fabulous, Ravi. Attention to details as perfect, as it can be. Continue this rich vein of form. The way it is going, Kohli and you will be racing across, with others no where near the frame.

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  4. Vasu : If I get anywhere with this, racing across an imaginary date line or significant milestone, it would owe immensely and in large measure to your generous and heartfelt encouragement and cheerleading and pausing amidst your frenetic day to post these lovely comments.

    Thanks !


  5. Hey Thanks Sirisha ! And Welcome to my virtual space !

    Relieved that you validated the caricatures

    So of anyone has any doubts they only have to read your comment

    Ofcourse, Pandiarajan wont be happy after seeing this and you know why :):)


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