6 thoughts on “CARTOON : THE OPS DIARIES – IV

  1. E comes before O! That was very ingenious! I love the fact that the sheet says, “And, the winner is…” Just with a detail like that, you manage to capture the sheer inanity of what is going on. Great sketching too (but that is only to be expected from you!).
    In the next few days as EPS tries to prove majority ADMK workers will be singing, “Old MGR had a party…E i E i O!”

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  2. Ram Murali : That was such a lovely comment. Thanks a Bunch !

    “Old MGR had a party…E i E i O!” ROFL.

    Actually at one level, my head is spinning having to come face to face with the realization that this may be the beginning of the end for the Dravidian parties. At one point in time, AAP had really captured the imagination of the youth in the cities here but that was before the Modi Version 2.0 tornado and the utter idiocy of IIT Graduate Kejriwal.


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