1. Incisive incisive incisive! Zola is in the zone these days 🙂
    My favorite part was the one about the common man! I also loved the sketching of the person on TV. Very nice detailing of the face.
    This cartoon brings back to mind the “Namma Naadu Irukura Nelamai Elaam” song from “Makkal Aaatchi.” Esp. the line, “Oattu poattavanga oattandiya nikkiraange!”
    Great job, once again!

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  2. Thanks so much Ram Murali ! In this instance the credit goes to my friend and classmate Athul who made that throwaway comment on Whatsapp and ofcourse I pounced on it 🙂

    The guy in the TV is supposed to be P.ChidAAmbaram (North Indian accent) 🙂 He used to quote either Poet Iqbal or Thiruvalluvar. I mixed up the comments 🙂


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