10 thoughts on “MY INTERVIEW IN ADYAR TALK – MARCH 4TH’ 17

  1. Very nice interview, Ravishanker. I loved what you said about your moments of inspiration and thw difference between paper and digital sketching.
    As the author says, it is great that you are so invested in and find time for this amazing passion of yours.

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  2. Thanks so much Ram Murali ! It goes without saying I wouldnt have got this far without your constantly encouraging hand. In fact the reporter asked what was my advice to young cartoonists to which I replied “No drawing advice – but I’d really advise them to build a good support group”

    I think overall and considering space constraints the article pretty much captures the vision I’d articulated for cartooning.

    I’d like to add that my strong hunch that there’s an Indian audience out there whose spiritual agility – read – moving effortlessly from an idiom which is totally American to an idiom which is totally Indian has been confirmed and is very heartening for me personally.

    And this audience is not addressed by the cartoons currently published in the major newspapers and magazines in India.

    If this audience didnt exist why would Spielberg release ‘Tin Tin – the animated movie’ in India first well before releasing it in the U.S ?

    I rest my case


  3. Very nice interview, Ravi. I agree that the limited forums available in Indian media for cartoonists is indeed leaving the audience thirsty… It is amazing to see your passion in this and sincerely hope you continue to be our waterhole for good cartoons..

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    • “Stephen” Raj !!

      You know whats better than Twitter and FB ? Telepathy

      For some strange reason (I’m possibly wrong) I was thinking these last few days that your birthday falls around this time and here you areon the blog !

      Muchas Gracias for your wishes.


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