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A delightful review  and  retraction (equally hilarious) by  friend and colleague, “Stephen Raj”  ( Paulraj Velraj ).


I dug this from my archives like one goes looking for old letters in the attic.


Read on !



“Enough, Mr. Kamal, enough, no more Avatharams, please…” could be the one line comment about the film.

The entire film is nothing but Kamal, Kamal and Kamal. Hero, villain, comedian, stuntman, heroine’s granny, passerby, bystander you name anyone and it’s Kamal.

Thank God, he gave the stripper role to Ms.Sherawat (it would have been disastrous, otherwise).

Kamal’s performance is top notch as usual.

The body language, voice modulation & expressions of each of the 10 characters are amazing. Attention to details such as differing height & build of each character is worth mentioning.

But all  of Kamal’s efforts were not supported by the story line, special effects and the much hyped make-up. In half the number of characters, the make-up really sags and looks very artificial. Special effects are mediocre for this 165 Crore movie. The story moves on a very weak plot and carries many contradicting messages that our Indian movies are not very used to.

Like a magic show or circus, the film is worth watching once just to admire the passionate performance of the greatest actor of our times.

But, Mr. Kamal, definitely, this cannot be your dream project.

We are waiting for the masterpiece yet.


I guess I was a little vocal in expressing my disappointment over the movie and in the process hurting the ‘sentiments’ of those who really enjoyed the movie. The email has spread like the ‘bio-virus’ and I am getting calls from all over the office supporting the movie.

So, I have also decided to join the club of intellectuals that admires the movie.

To solicit more membership into our club, here are some tips for those who are yet to watch the movie.

  1. Familiarize yourself with “Chaos Theory” & “The Butterfly Effect”. If you don’t have the time to google these concepts, here is a simple explanation. Chaotic theory says that science & technology cannot predict things over long time, because of the butterfly effect. The butterfly effect is, thus, a part of chaotic theory and tells that if a butterfly flips its wings in Africa, it couldresult in a hurricane in Texas. Remember, these concepts only talk about probability and not the absolute cause. You will see a butterfly flipping its wings twice in the movie.
  1. Don’t expect the film to give a message. The characters remain firm in their ideologies and do not change their positions. So you are free to imagine the causes of the events based on your value system.
  1. Follow the conversations in the film closely, especially Kamal’s dialogues. In important scenes, he speaks in pure Tamil which is difficult to follow (the opening scene and the climax, in particular).

With the above homework, I am sure, you will be able to better appreciate the movie.


P.S -. If you don’t understand much of the contents of this email, that’s not my fault. You know, we intellectuals do a lot of stuff like this………:)



    • Karthik : “Were the audience also Kamal(s)”

      THAT was an extraordinary comment !

      I dont think Velraj is a Blogger but years before blogging became the rage his reviews used to be the rage here in Chennai office. His gentle but barbed (contradiction in terms) humour kept us in splits.


      • Shshsh there are lots of Kamal Bhakthargal around…….
        –> I yaam original Kamal Daasan speaking…:)

        That was supremely well done. I loved the puns as always. ‘Bas’ and ‘Pol-ey’ were wonderfully witty! Kamal’s caricature was excellent, esp. the eye brows – that was great attention to detail.

        I agree with the opinions on Dasavatharam. It had a monstrously talented actor whose script and the listless direction (by KSR) did no justice to his acting talent.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Ha Ha Ram Murali ! Very cheeky of me knowing you’re lurking in the background.

    Thanks a bunch for the Kamal caricature comment. I owe you dinner for this alone. I showed the rough draft to many friends and they were scratching their heads wondering who I was trying to capture.

    It pays to read Wodehouse in school “Just feed the Mahatma a Roly Poly steak and we’ll see the end of this nonsense called Civil Disobedience” – typical crusty, snooty British humour.

    I read something on BR’s blog once about how Kamal is becoming more interesting as a script writer than an actor. But that was probably in reference to Viswaroopam.

    In Gag cartooning unfortunately one cant praise anything and even if you do its invariably a left handed compliment. I’m sure in some Kamal movie in the future the dots will connect and it could be traced to something which didnt work in Dasavatharam but which finally worked elsewhere.

    In that sense, nothing is standalone.

    As for the cartoon, the dots connected in a different way.

    I wanted to do a cartoon on Velraj’s article for a long time but too many distractions were coming my way in the form of other burning issues and topics.

    Then there was this amazing gaffe at the Oscars involving ‘Moonlight’ and ‘La la Land’ and then I wanted to try some strobe light color effects. There’s this wonderful nightclub low angle shot of the heroine in Coppola’s ‘One From The Heart’ where she is bathed in blue light but I didnt have that shade so I switched to “bathing” Ms.Sherawat in Golden yellow.

    Hope it all came together.


    • Ravishanker – I have not watched “One from the Heart” but yes, I was aware of the recent Oscar blunder which formed one of the bases for the cartoon. I do think that it all came together very organically. Just the thought of blending the Oscar goof up and Davasatharam was ingenious to begin with. And, you made it as ‘authentic’ as possible with the Oscar presenter, the people in the audience, etc. So, yes, I think it all came together very cohesively.

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