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  1. Ravishanker – the sketching is really nicely done. But were there some inside jokes meant for a specific audience? I am asking since I couldn’t quite get the DRS / copying connection. Sorry if the right side of my brain isn’t functional today 🙂

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  2. Thanks so much Ram !

    I’m dusting off one of your earlier comments on the blog where you mention “I realize there are many “in-jokes” for your classmates”.

    Damn right !

    But in my attempt to layer the cartoon I think I buried what was supposed to be a straightforward gag under a lot of baggage.

    Steve Smith broke the rules once.
    When he broke the rules the second time he blamed it on “brain fade’

    So also the “copying” student.


  3. This reminds me of our gully cricket during school days. The game within the compound had many rules like wall-catch; full cover not allowed; not-out batsman no gauge (sorry not the English word) and one more was a “சொல்லி கொடுத்து out ஆக்கறது (taking a wicket after consulting). I know few of the terms are too local or technical, beyond the understanding of an intellectual and learned.
    There were guys who would argue, after getting out, that the bowler consulted someone else before bowling that typical delivery. These guys were specifically the ones who owned the bat. Many a times these guys bent the rules. Imperialism to the core.
    Although it was a normal for any bowling team to have a game plan for a batsman, we avoided explicit advise, else we will lose the bat and the game for the day. At times that bat-owner’s mother may arrive at the pitch scolding us of conspiring against her son. After a generation, I notice our tactics have gone international..

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