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  1. Ravishanker – Nandri Sollave Ungaluku En Nanbane Vaarthai Illaye 🙂 Thank you so much for the kind gesture.

    “Law Law Land” – ‘Pun’-tastic 🙂

    SPB’s face was superbly done. The knife with the music notes on it was a swell touch!

    Were those tickets or dollar bills hanging out of his pocket?

    ‘Tere mere beech main’ was such a witty choice for a song here!

    There is a lovely Gangai Amaran song, “Oru Nanbanin Kadhai Idhu…” in the movie “Sattam.” I so wish that had been an Ilayaraja number! It would have been so apt!

    Thank you, once again. Please let me know if I can edit the blog post to display your cartoon. Once you give permission, I will put it up there with an acknowledgment.

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  2. Ram Murali : I love the way you enjoy what EXACTLY I want you to enjoy !

    Please go ahead and use the cartoon – Ilaiyaraja could be much better…… nevertheless ……:)

    This is such an emotional topic and gets the juices running so rather than “gesture” I’d say its a different way of partying…..
    Like your Raghuvaran article

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  3. Ha ha Madan Thanks!

    Varuga Varuga !

    Yes – I remember that one – and Thanks a Ton for capturing THAT one.

    The SPB-Gangai Amaran interactions were the ultimate.

    I suspect there was more friendship THERE rather than between you know who and who.

    I also remember once SPB’s rendering of ‘Mannil Indha Kaadhal…’ on stage and after completing the song, praising Gangai Amaran for his lyrics and then handing out left handed compliments like “Paravaa illa daa …indha maadhri nalla paattu kooda ezhudhara ”

    Gangai Amaran’s response was “Inga yengayo oru YAANAIya paarthaynay…..”


  4. “I suspect there was more friendship THERE rather than between you know who and who.” – Quite possible and also possible that that fueled the spat between first you know who and bro and then between you know who and SP. True or not, Venkat Prabhu has a reputation of being the one that went astray and apparently led Yuvan and Charan off track as well. So…

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    • Madan : By Toutatis ! This sounds more SICILIAN than TAMILIAN.

      I confess I’ve been out of circulation and wasnt aware of that possibility.

      Love the way you put that 🙂 – Humphrey Appleby of ‘Yes Minister’ style.

      What a pity…It was a great partnership


  5. lol @ Humphrey Appleby. I am a CA like you but unlike you have no end of trouble breaking out of the legalese, even on a public holiday in Maharashtra, ha ha. Anyway, I am not 100% sure about the FACTS but I have come across this innuendo about the war of the silver spoons for a long time. This time, Charan has got involved and KR is as acerbic as his father without – sorry – a fraction of his talent so I can’t rule out the pillai angle.

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  6. Madan : On reading your comment it appears to me that the one Above has done an incredible balancing act by cursing IR’s talent with sons who dont quite bring rays of sunshine to the household.

    Sometimes I think success is just delayed failure.

    I’m also most interested in your CA adventures.

    I always thought it was the best course and still do since I look at it more as a state of mind than a qualification but ofcourse with heavy caveats.

    Lets discuss that one further in the near future.

    Incidentally my son just passed out of his school and is struggling through his BA Economics Honors course in far away Delhi.

    Part of it may have been due to my “salesmanship” since I found very heavy dilution and declining exclusivity of the CA course but I think he may have been happier staying in Madras pursuing CA.

    But he will have to face harsh reality at sometime. Why not now ?


  7. CA adventures – Not a whole lot to say. Had an exciting articleship where I learnt the dirty tricks that a CA may use ethically to help his client, lol. But still chose employment over practice because Mumbai literally has theruku theru oru CA. Have been working with a large automobile company now for a few years. Music lover and (try to) write by night.

    “since I look at it more as a state of mind than a qualification” – Perfect! I had in fact signed up for BMS coaching classes (and signed away the precious post XII vacations) where one prof referred me to as a Doubting Thomas. As it turned out, I chose CA instead. Wishing your son all the best in his endeavours. It’s a new world, different from the time I stepped out as a CA which isn’t even THAT long back.

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