11 thoughts on “CARTOON : TODAY IS………..

    • Ha Ha Madan : Cheeky single from the Bombay Rock Blaster of ….(whichever suburb you live in – Dombivli ?)

      I didnt publicize this one much. It is more a take on the Peanuts character Schroeder than Scarface Al P.

      But for the record Im a huge fan. He is boxed in to an extent by his intense image but who cares ? All I want is the endorphins to flow into my bloodstream when I see him on screen πŸ™‚


  1. Did you share this with him on Twitter, Ravishanker? I am sure that he will appreciate the fact that he has such an ardent cartoonist fan πŸ™‚
    You should do a cartoon based on “Heat” which features MY favorite Hollywood actor too – Robert de Niro.

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  2. Ram Murali : Thanks !

    Alas ! Al Pacino’s twitter account was hacked. Someone posted some educational videos of some heavy duty ‘Dangal’ so the account was disabled.

    So I just posted it on his FB account which got lost in the post juggerenaut.

    “cartoon based on β€œHeat” – Absolutely ! Itching to do something on De Niro.

    Tried one earlier but the caricature was sub-par though the gag was good.

    I’m rendered hors d’combat due to a sudden medical emergency since yesterday involving my ‘Ram Murali’ – he had to be put on a plane back home on an emergency basis after developing abdominal pain all of a sudden. Really a nightmare.

    I booked a ticket at 2 am for a 10:50 am flight to Delhi and cancelled at the last minute – Thank God I didnt have to go. Easier to look after things on home turf.


  3. That must be a long time back. Through the 90s when I lived in Kalyan and frequently visited Dombivli, I didn’t find that much Tamil flavour in Dombivli other than pockets. Or maybe since THEN, more Tamils shifted to Dombivli. In Matunga, on the other hand, you still feel like you are in Chennai when you are passing through the flower market. Rest of Matunga is taken over by Gujaratis and Marwaris though.

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  4. Madan : Just saw your comments on Amit Joki’s piece (#Readers Write In).

    Very very instructive and enlightening. My English is going to pot and I’ve just discovered the resource who will put me on track πŸ™‚ I’ve been guilty and am still guilty of many Indian Englishisms. It definitely pays to know which is correct instead of hiding behind “Thats the way everyone speaks / writes”

    Keep it my boy ! (Major Sundarrajan style)


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