1. Wit, thy name is Ravishanker! This was mighty cool!

    Probass and Doggypotty were hilarious puns! Mahasmutty – he he!

    Esp. ingenious was the way you tied the 3 Ks / thousands. Superb creativity. You took one of the glorious visuals of Bahubali and made it your own – Kudos!! The sketching was also very well done, esp. Anushka and Prabhas’ faces and posture.

    If I may suggest, similar to your earlier ‘dialogue’ oriented cartoon, do consider numbering the boxes, esp. Prabhas is on the right and the dialogue starts there.

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    • Ram Murali : Thanks so much ! Believe it or not I lost a night’s sleep deciding which one to go with. I almost zeroed in on ‘Grabass’ but it would have been a disaster politically. So better counsel prevailed 🙂

      with regard to the numbering of the talk balloons, I did give it a thought. You will recall I used that for the KV Take Two gag because the sequencing was all over the place. But since this was more straight forward I let it be.

      And yes you have a point about the “Urdu”style sequencing (Right to Left) but that was because Anoushka was on Prabhas’right so I had no option.

      After your comment , just had a thought on following what you were saying and then at the end having the pointers cross each other i.e the arrow at the end of the talk balloon pointing to the character who is doing the talking. Not sure if it would have been a bit confusing – hmm

      Great feedback, Thanks !


    • Ha Ha Madan ! Thanks for latching onto that. I wanted to add “tall bloke who has BIG WRISTS” but there wasnt enough space in the talk balloon.

      I had another angle in mind related to your CA and Baahubali but after MANK’s (and your’s ) enthusiasm for the KV MAD magazine trope I thought I’d go instead.with this gag


    • Very welcome Mank ! “art padam dude’. Ingenious !

      Like every tamil hero has to have prefix – you know – Navarasa Nayagan ; Ilaya thalapathi ; latchiya nadigar etc etc

      Art Padam dude sounds perfect 🙂

      I’m a big fan of your posts on BR’s blog.


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