Boom and Bandh (My Article on Baradwaj Rangan’s Blog)


5 thoughts on “Boom and Bandh (My Article on Baradwaj Rangan’s Blog)

  1. Very well-written. Or rather, SOOPERB!
    I really like how you evoke an earlier era through witty and entertaining nuggets. It is a real strength of yours and you have, through write-ups such as this one and the one on movie theatres back then have made this your own!

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    • Ah there you are namma Bond Murali (Sathyaraj style) !

      Thanks so much for your continued encouragement and support !

      The ultimate endorsement came from my VCR owning friend from Balajinagar.
      “Excellent description of …… da !” (the ‘Navin’ character)

      I even recall the FIRST time I dashed on my Kinetic Honda all the way to Nungambakkam from Mylapore to ensure that the cassettes i wanted were available.

      (Sigh) That adrenaline rush was something else…

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  2. (Reader Venkatesh Gopal writes in by email from Evanston, Illinois) :

    Loved this !!

    In 11th or 12th standard we had to read a story by Khushwant Singh of how he went away to England for his education as a young man. On the Delhi station platform his grandmother kissed him goodbye, which was the last time he ever saw her. He said that he could later always recall how the wet kiss felt on his forehead.

    I think your story made me remember those days in the same way. I thought the height of elegance and bliss was to live in Besant Nagar (Versatiles! Maharaja!! The beach!!), and if not that, to live in Nungambakkam near Haddows Road.

    I had a friend who lived there, right by Tic Tac (the original one I think), and I remember what a mind-boggling experience it was to walk in there – all these delights that I would love to sample some day – Alas, we didn’t even have a TV, let alone a VCR.

    So many terrific memories. The Ravishanker time machine has done it again, and I have been transported to another time!! Bravo!!

    So is this all going to compiled into a book? If it is, I will be hugely miffed if I don’t get an autographed copy (Sooperb, sooperb!!), to treasure for the rest of my days.


  3. (My VCR owning friend from Balajinagar writes in on whatsapp)

    Amazing recollect da Zola….sadly I dsiposed the National NV 300 VCR recently….had it for old times sake…spot on description of “Nithin”…poor guy is no more…

    About ‘Once Upon a Time in America’ he used to say”sooperb !! Namma manirathnam also used lifted a scene from it – that smuggling episode in the boat and the sacks with salt”

    He knew how to sell a movie


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