1. That was hilarious! As I had mentioned in my tweet, the best part of this cartoon, IMHO, was your detailing of the girl. The flying plaits, the horrified expression, the pitiable score (36/100) were all densely packed and fit into a cohesive whole.
    “Ahem TV” – Nakkal Naiyyandi Aiyya Neer!

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    • Ram Murali : “Nakkal Naiyyandi” HA ! You made my (Independence) day !

      Thanks a bunch !

      The Retta pinnal appears to be a recurring motif in my cartoons …….apdeennu sollikkavayndithaan 🙂

      So pleased you noticed the A..m TV.

      I recall MANK saying that Kamal s Tamil needs to be translated into Tamil !

      Thanks again !

      P.S The 36 on 100 is an “in-joke” among my classmates 🙂


  2. The attention to details is amazing, Zola. I am not sure how you manage to squeeze time amidst your work schedule to keep coming up with more and more caricatures like these. Simply great. Keep going.

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  3. Z – rettai pinnal, andha 36 vayadhiniley marks, andha TWDWCTDW comment, the more-boys-than-girls-around-the-rettain-pinnal-kaari….

    marakka mudiyumaa adhan naatkal !!! Keep the nostalgia flowing, gets me to wonder each time why school days had to end

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  4. SG ” Andha rettai pinnal, andha 36 vayadhiniley marks, andha TWDWCTDW….ungala romba BAADHichsurichzu ” (bharathiraja style)

    Thanks heaps for that one bright comment on a depressing Monday morning (Is there a cheery Monday morning I wonder).

    Some day (and that day may never come) someone will ask me about that retta pinnal and I’ll just show them your comment.

    Yes – wish those PARTICULAR school days never ended.

    To my credit I sensed some time around 11C third term when everyday it was so exciting to come to school that we’d one day look back on all this with much fondness.

    Azhiyaadha Kolangal……..


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