1. (Reader Praveen writes in on Whatsapp) :

    Brilliantly done Zola !

    The idea of the piper, the notes turning into a monster spelling the tasks …really powerful communication without utteringa single word.

    The sketching of the whale…just too good.

    You are a pro…This is your best so far !


  2. Hee hee- good one, the japs knew abt this and took preemptive action by trying to rid our world of the Blue whales- but the stupid IMO had to intervene and see the result !!

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  3. Thanks Vijay !

    What a tragedy. Understand one of the families lost their potential bread winner, a boy of 19 from Madurai, for whom, his elder brother gave up going to school.

    The sad thing is that the victims received messages that their families would be killed if they didnt continue the game.

    One girl was rescued after she tried to drown herself in a lake.

    Why dont the game’s administrators try the blue whale on the IS or something ?


  4. Ravishanker – That was fantastic! This takes a serious issue and skewers it without trivializing it. So, in terms of how well thought out it was, this cartoon deserves a hell of a lot of approbation.
    As always, the detailing was a marvel. The whale, the people jumping off the building, the kid watching questionable content on TV at 4 am were all so well done in this densely packed cartoon.
    Just one suggestion, if I may, would be to pack in a little less detail. This cartoon felt a tad ‘crowded’ compared to your other ones.
    But overall, the conception and execution were top notch.

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  5. Ram Murali : Thank you so much for your kind comments ! I never cease to marvel at your articulation.

    And regarding the ‘crowded’ you’re spot on. I noticed it myself but unable to put my finger on where it went awry. Possibly the shading or the talk balloons could have been better planned – read – spaced out.

    The truth is I’ve been getting very fidgety these last few days. Due to the paucity of time one tends to rush things to get it out the system and move on to the next one.


    • Thank you, Ravishanker, for considering my suggestion. One area that you could have lost without losing the essence of the cartoon is one of the buildings. People jump from two buildings here. The decreasing sizes of the figures as they fall further down was done so well that just one building would have been enough to evoke the madness. Just a thought…

      Again, this is not to take anything away from how sharp your pencil was this time. It is a thoughtful parody 🙂

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  6. Ram Murali : You’ve got a point there. I guess it was the influence of my New York visit. The thrill of seeing many skyscrapers together.

    Actually I had planned 4 or 5 but then the ghostly apparition came into the picture and the talk balloons and I realized it was not on. As I said, the panning went awry.


    • Ravishanker – your planning may have went awry (in your mind) but the cartoon did not. It is a great piece. My suggestion was just to streamline it a tad. Don’t be so hard on yourself! This cartoon deserves more praise from its creator 🙂

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