1. Mam is taken to Italy for treatment. Sir is missing since praying God on his birthday. Mam to Sir, your child and my child are always child. They will never grow. Jooperu Zola

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  2. Arivu Kozhundhagaluku ippadi oru arivulla cartoon-a?! Sa BASH!
    The infuriated look on the ma’am’s face was priceless! Amazing, how you captured the glasses even though the kid had his back to the reader. Nice detailing of an earnest student!!

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  3. Ram : Anegama you must be referring to 20-20. The kid’s sodabuddi vision I mean 🙂 Not the “fixed” version. Adhuvum daily night paakkaradhu ashadugal.

    Thanks a bunch for varnichufying the details !

    I didnt quite get the kid and the sodabuddi the way I wanted it. He appeared in previous cartoons but the back view was tricky. Really enjoyed doing the teacher though 🙂 Drawing teachers is a way to go away from the beaten path and try something exciting

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  4. Great work, Ravi.. it hits the bulls eye.. bang on the point. I know this is a question lingering in the minds of several people today. The detailing in the sketch is amazing. Nice departure from the routine in depicting the teacher.. Keep it going…

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  5. Stephen Raaaaaj : Was thinking about you this morning 🙂 Always love hearing form you. Re:the teacher due to limitations of time I was trying out some funky caricatures and who better to try it on than the teacher characters 🙂 Thanks a ton !


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