Cartoon : BEEP SONG

Much Ado about a “BEEP”.

Beep Song


CHENNAI FLOODS : A Cartoon Collage


Incessant Rain – To Go to School or Not to Go to School – THAT is the question.

Sink-aara Chennai 3A

Roads turn into water ways a la Venice

Sink-aara Chennai

Chennai – Work is thrown haywire in The Back Office Capital of the World

Sink-aara Chennai 2A


Chennai – Water World !! – The Final Deluge

Waterworld Rough 1E


Singular Images of Kailasanadhar Temple


Singular images of Kailasanadhar temple taken by my friend, Karthik Krishnamurthy


Kailasanathar - Against the setting sun 2

Kailasanathar - Against the setting sun

Kailasanathar - On the Rocks




Stone Vishnu - Kailasanathar


Stone Brahma - Kailasanathar


Kailasanathar - Bottoms Up

Kailasanathar - Majestic 2

Mythical Lions


Divine Shadows


God's Children - Kailasanathar, Kanchipuram


Family Selfie - Kailasanathar