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Chartered Account by day, cartoonist and Writer by night, passionate athlete at twilight and dutiful householder on weekends  There are people who make things for the Western markets and those who do the same for the Indian market. I make cartoons for an audience who are rooted culturally in India but who are spiritually agile enough to assume Western sensibilities - who swear by Quentin Tarantino AND David Dhawan / Bharathiraja in the same breath - I make cartoons for this audience - the INDIAN diaspora in INDIA !

14 thoughts on “CARTOON : HOTEL FOR PETS II”

  1. Love them !!!!!!!!!!
    The CA one, Gosh – what memories it brings back to me too ! Umpteen ….. 🙂 think back of all the days that you remember… of Ca-mel-ot !
    How perfectly well a CA ( like me – lol) can relate to this ! 😉

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  2. yes the gorilla came out well..( it’s sure out of your back now !!! ..just kidding)…the sketch showing only the leg…very good imagination too apart from sketching..well done!

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  3. Thanks Praveen ! Funny thing – the gorilla was the easiest part to draw but came out well. Sometimes you get lucky 🙂

    There is other stuff which has been in the pipeline quite long and when that gets done, and with your wishes, the gorilla will truly and completely be off my back.

    Thanks !


  4. (Dr.Arun Shet writes in from Bangalore)

    Kalkitta macheee….I like that!

    keeping a close watch on the cartoons and blogs man. Better keep up that standards…..just because we don’t comment often doesn’t mean big brother is not watching.


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