Sink-aara Chennai


4 thoughts on “SINK-AARA CHENNAI

  1. Kay : Thanks so much for checking out my “flood” and commenting !

    Yes – what a harrowing experience it was and then followed by the next December Disaster – Varda

    My son’s reaction to the power coming back was priceless :


  2. Lol! 😂 I thought you were in Mumbai at that time. I was in Saidapet, the ground zero. Out of three iPhones, two Samsungs, one redmi and one Nokia, guess which one worked? We had to climb on top of a water tank to get a week signal of one point in our trusty old Nokia with an Aircel connection. And even though the water had receded, we were locked on all sides by the submerged subways and finally we could move out only after 5 days.

    Vardah was a little bit better since we had the internet and phone connection. But I had to drop in to office exactly when the storm was crossing the land. I will forever be grateful to the Ola driver who dropped me back home in an SUV, and didn’t take a rupee more than what I was charged.

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