Mossack Fonseca - Panamapic.jpg

A visualization of Mossack Fonseca which envisages a lethal combination of  the (in)famous law firm of Bendini, Lambert and Locke (from the best selling novel ‘The Firm’ by John Grisham) and  the Villain of the decade , The Joker, from the Batman franchise.


  1. Great one Zola – wud have been happy to see a Pen replace the Gun of The Firm – after all “the Pen is mightier than the RTGS form these days “..


  2. Ha ! Vijay ! Great to see you here. RTGS form – LOL. And you’re on target as far as the pen goes – in fact thats one of the joker’s memorable lines – (I’m refering to Jack Nicholson’s interpretation of the Joker)


  3. Ravishanker – It’s amazing how much punch you can pack in a cartoon. SWATCH Bharath was incredibly punny! 🙂 The detailing of the shooter was also splendid – the coat, the sunglasses, the sideburns…it all added value to the image. Once again, splendid work!


  4. Ram Murali : Thanks a Bunch ! And I owe you one for spotting the SWATCH. Not everyone got it.
    I confess the overall frame is inspired by Once Upon a Time in America. Really enjoyed doing this one unlike the ‘Force Awakens’ where it was painful to get Harrison Ford right.


  5. Ravishanker – is “Once Upon a Time in America” the movie with Joe Pesci in it? I vaguely remember watching it a while ago. I remember the “uppu mootai” scene in “Nayagan” being inspired by a scene in that movie…:)


  6. Ram Murali : No I dont think Joe Pesci was in it unless he was an extra. It starred Robert De Niro and James Woods , another fine actor. Check him and Miuchael J Fox in ‘The Hard Way’ (a hilarious look at movies and movie fanatics especially the take off on the Taxi Driver scene ‘You Talkin’ to Me?’


    • Oh really, will check it out. James Woods was excellent in “Casino” as the sleazy pimp. You just wanted to beat him black and blue so good is his acting. (Of course, it’s a gangster film so, people do beat him black and blue!)


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