1. Superb, Ravishanker! You have outdone all your previous efforts with this one – absolutely brilliant. The final cartoon was priceless. As Ramkumar pointed, the expression on the father’s face and also the bliss on those students’ faces were both equally hilarious!

    Admission time-la ipdi pinniteenge!

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  2. Ram Murali : Thanks a bunch for your kind comments ! I like the word you used “BLISS”. Coudnt have done it better myself. Ah the joys of youth !

    I actually saw this signboard on a college campus very recently. And ofcourse since manam is a kurangu – it went into a totally different direction…….


  3. Hi Ravishanker, I enjoy your cartoons and your blogs. I am your namesake (but have an “a” after the k) and belong to the 1972 batch, making me your senior by many years.

    This cartoon takes the cake. Regardless of age, my mind also went in a different direction….!!!!

    Best wishes,

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  4. Ravishankar : Thank You Thank You Thank You (Rajni style) ! I consider myself very very fortunate to make contact with seniors with whom I never went to school. And to think I joined VM only in the 11th std. !

    Thanks a heap for your kind comments and please kandippa yenga blogukku adikkadi vaango !


  5. It’s superb Ravi.. Each scene captures the environment so well…. Empty chair in the dean’s office, Arguing people in the administration and of course the dream(ing) lovers all had so much to say…. By the way, what is the significance of letters HMC in the name of the college? His Master’s Choice??

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    • “Stephen Raj ” : Thanks so much for going through my cartoon with diligent enjoyment ! Cant ask for anything more.

      “His Masters Choice” ROFL. Actually I came up with a jumble of some random letters typical of our Tamilnadu colleges. I leave it to your fertile imagination to come up with some more interpretations :):).

      Thanks again !


  6. (received from a reader by email)

    “good one..but your cartoon also reminded me of all the years I wasted in college, burying myself in books and not in the soft embrace of that beautiful girl I often saw waiting in the bus stop near my home.


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