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Chartered Account by day, cartoonist and Writer by night, passionate athlete at twilight and dutiful householder on weekends  There are people who make things for the Western markets and those who do the same for the Indian market. I make cartoons for an audience who are rooted culturally in India but who are spiritually agile enough to assume Western sensibilities - who swear by Quentin Tarantino AND David Dhawan / Bharathiraja in the same breath - I make cartoons for this audience - the INDIAN diaspora in INDIA !


  1. Ha Ha Herr Oberst Vijay ! “Die” Mani Ratnam sounds like something straight out of the fatherland 🙂

    Actually I had planned another one for which the punch line sounds like one of those sarcastic jokes you used to crack in school. Lets see.

    You’ve been forewarned !


  2. The detailing of Karthi’s face, at the top right of the cartoon, was marvelously done. The play of words on “officer and a gentleman” was really cool – just hadn’t thought of that connection until I saw your cartoon! So, this says “Take One.” Does that mean there’s more to come? If so, that’s awesome!

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  3. Ah Ram Murali ! Thanks for checking in with your deft – flows easy off the bat comments !

    That connection was in my mind from day one 🙂

    I was working on another idea for KV simultaneously but severe time constraints due to work. I find it very difficult to compartmentalize the way you do and switch off.

    If I learn from you how to do THAT then I could have probably finished both.

    Suffice to say that this one was painful (my third attempt) since I wasnt getting the template , the tilt of the head, etc etc right. The learning from this one was you need to be very very clear in your mind what you’re setting out to do.

    And even then the doability is a big question mark. I worked like hell on a Robert Redford caricature and gave up after a week. Hope to get back to that one sometime.


  4. Like Bruce Willis’s franchise, we could make a series for the various Die Hard groups in TN. Die Hard MR fans, Die Hard IR fans, Die Hard ARR fans, Die Hard Rajni etc. Yappa, so many. Dialogue was perfect. Like circus thupaaki, pidichaalum repeat, pidikellanellum repeat.

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  5. Madan : Franchise is probably the best business model invented in the century of our Lord 20th 🙂

    Why should the movie business be any different ?

    Your re-take on Apoorva Sagodharargal punch dialogue – GUN-take ! (missing a WhatsApp emoji here)

    Thanks so much for checking out the gag !

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