1. I haven’t read Mad Magazine. But checking out their latest on Trump v/s the Korean rock star, I can sense the influence especially in the puns. Liked how you bolded the word ‘Outside’ for emphasis by the way. Maybe that’s why I immediately noticed that punchline (didn’t pick up on the bold font until I read it again).

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  2. Madan : Anytime a knowledgable reader picks upon my clues I feel the exercise is worth the toil, the headaches, frustration and sleepless nights.

    Thanks so much !

    I hardly read anything nowadays- that stage of life. Time is less, problems requiring attention are more ….which is why I prefer to touch base with young turks from Mumbai doing CA πŸ™‚

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  3. That was one helluva packed cartoon, Ravishanker. Wonderful work.
    I realize that it’s very difficult to sketch a cartoon based off of a portrait-like picture (as you’ve done here, based on one of the KV posters) and yet not look like you’ve distorted the faces. Great job walking that tightrope walk!
    The script was also very funny. My favorite part was when you noted, “Tom Cruise did it in some movie!” πŸ™‚
    Really nice work, overall. Keep ’em comin’!

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  4. Thanks a a bunch Ram Murali !

    I actually had planned to do this one first . But I ended up doing the other one with Richard Gere and Debra Winger. I couldnt sleep till I got both out of my system.

    I had the impression this one would be the outright winner and I was not sure whether the layering / analogy in Take One, such as Debra Winger going back to Gere for more despite the blow hot blow cold relationship just like the Mani Ratnam movie watcher going back for more, would be understood.

    The result was diametrically opposite which was one helluva surprise.

    For Take Two I got reactions such as it was too long – and whats a “bhaashan” doing in a cartoon. But ofcourse people dont mind watching 15 MB files during work time on whatsapp or reading 5 page forwards on how to conduct one’s life which are utterly impractical – Hey ! I should do a cartoon on THAT !

    This is a typical Mad magazine style spoof. I’d done one earlier on ‘Befikre’.

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  5. I got reactions such as it was too long – and whats a β€œbhaashan” doing in a cartoon.
    –> I didn’t think so at all coz there were multiple funny punchlines! I actually enjoyed the script a lot!

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  6. Ram Murali : Bless you !

    I enjoyed doing it too but LOTs of anxiety. One day I’ll take you through the process. Quite comical actually.

    I was almost going to cut out the Tom Cruise bit ..whew

    One gratifying response was “No problem I can connect the dots”

    This was in reference to the “flow” of the talk balloons.

    Mostly from Right to Left like Urdu but suddenly changes to Left to Right.


    • Madan kannaa : unga perippa advise pandrayn kayttukko.

      You can write a long manuscript no problem …..but ensure that its wrapped up in a 25 MB file and has a titillating cover or a controversial title like ‘Sasikala gets Parole to do pooja at Jaya Memorial’ or ‘TTD questioned by CBI for wearing lousy hats’.

      Become a salesman who writes or draws cartoons or whatever and preferably wrap it in some aromatic junk….because thats all people want nowadays.

      You may get a better response by floating a local Borivli physical two pager than by going on the net and inducing people to click on your link. Its called playing contrarian

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  7. Yeah, I am aware of the way things are. Not that writing in English in India has ever been a particularly rewarding pursuit, except for a select few. I made up my mind a long time ago to follow what Chetan Bhagat (!) says about this, “Do work that pays and grow your passion.” Simple arithmetic that is not very difficult to put together, especially for a chartered accountant.

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  8. One of my favourites among your creations. Thank you for reposting it. I ended up watching KV too yesterday, even though I wanted to watch Dangal but was overruled by the Tamil speaking majority at my home.. :/

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