1. Jooperu Zola, unbeatable you are. Keep lining up with current affairs. No second thought. NextGen is expected to have some of the conservative cultures to stay healthy.

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  2. That was wonderfully done! The instant reaction from the kid was so spontaneous, genuine and ultimately, priceless 🙂
    I esp. liked the details for the dad – the vibuthi co-existing with the Texas A&M shirt will resonate with a lot of south Indian expatriates!!

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    • Thanks Ram Murali !

      This was one of those occasions when so many memories hidden in deep recesses of the subconscious came together in one blinding flash.

      Normally, I have to create my stuff cold bloodedly from zero raw material on the drawing board but occasionally inspiration DOES come from family, experiences, movies watched, dramas seen (big hint here on a similar joke in one of the best loved Tamil drama comedies).

      But this one is mostly from family 🙂

      I did some deep psycho analysis of myself and was astounded to find that there were traces of inspiration from a cartoon which I admired drawn by (an ostensibly) twelve year old from a Times of India competition !

      We cartoonists need our luck 🙂


  3. ha ha – we r definitely the Gen EX ! becos when we were kids, an Eclipse was so feared that the elders closed all links with the outside world for a good 23.9 hours and made us watch Doordarshan !
    and this generation wears some fancy goggles and goes out to “View” the eclipse !! Ideally, this generation shud be collectively addressed as Gen Y Not..

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  4. AH ! The Master of the Pun is BACK …..and HOW ! The only thing missing here is the James Bond title music :):)

    I remember our house master in Boarding school (the redoubtable Mr.Natarajan) doing exactly what you’ve written when there was a Solar Eclipse …way back in 1979. Except we didnt have access to TV let alone Doordarshan

    During the course of the day he regaled us with stories about NASA and Madras to pondicherry the movie – what ya range ya !

    Great comment Vijay ! Keep ’em coming


  5. Super o super. I know a brother-sister pair of kids living in the US who sit exactly like that on the couch. Shows how much you observe very innocuous aspects of a person’s appearance, behaviour etc. There was a solar eclipse when I was in 4th or 5th standard and as Vijay Krishnan said above – God, the hype! Don’t step outside except with glasses but do watch the eclipse, scientists coming on TV to tell you how to watch. Now it really has to be a Netflix/Amazon exclusive to register at all. Though this is more in the upper class (erstwhile middle class). The other day a pair of dolphins got swept on to the seashore near Haji Ali and some of my colleagues rushed to catch a glimpse. I was like “Yo, seen them already at Shedd aquarium”. I have become like the Netflix kids without realizing it.

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  6. rothrocks : Really gratified to see your (usual) articulate comments here !

    I really loved doing this one. The idea came to me couple of months ago when I read that there would be a Solar Eclipse in August but due to time constraints took a long time to execute.

    Correction : “Pigg Baas” came in the way and forced me off course :):)

    Did you post a selfie with the dolphins on your FB page ? (snigger)

    (knowing your “love” for Face Book :):))

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  7. (Reader Narender Kumar Sastry writes in by email)

    Hi Ravi sir,

    The picture is true in every sense. The current generation is rather confined to indoors and prefers to be aloof from the outer world.

    P.S. I like the detailing of the vibhuthi and Texas A&M T-Shirt. I am sure this is a familiar scenario in our homes as well.


  8. Super stuff, Ravi, as usual. Your ability to bring out the contemporary events and news in jest is awesome, to say the least.

    Comment from Vijay – Gen EX and Gen Y Not – was too good, as well.

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  9. Awesome cartoon! Loved the detailing. Is there a significance to the vacuum cleaner in the cartoon?

    Off the topic, hope you and Madan (the mumbaiites that I know) are fine. Hope this won’t be another 2005 type rain.

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  10. Thanks Kay !

    Ah that vacuum cleaner is a family thing. In fact the entire cartoon is a caricature of family members are different points in time. So its close to my heart.

    Thanks for the enquiries. I’m very much settled in Chennai.

    So the next time a flood hits us here do remember me 🙂

    Havent heard from Madan yet. It all looks very scary. Flood in Mumbai, deluge in Gujarat, Texas.


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