1. rothrocks : Thanks so much ! Yes – Its been a long time coming. Its becoming challenging to do it more often. Issues either come in droves which impacts the response decision and time or dont come at all 🙂

    I remember the OPS episode – there were twists and turns by the hour


  2. Fantastic, Ravishanker. Looks like your hiatus has helped sharpen your pencils even more 🙂 This was sharp and tongue-in-cheek at once! Loved the falling hat, the sneaking in of the company names and the sly expression (“thank god”). Is there an uLkuththu behind “L&T” being printed on the shorts unlike the other company names?! :)) The detailing of Santa was splendid, right from the single-seater, the costume and the facial expression.
    Big Boss cartoon podunga thalaiva – OVIYAm nu title kooda ready 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Muchas Gracias for your enthusiastic comments Senore !
      Regarding the L&T on the shorts yay “Under” ki baat hai (Jus’ kidding) – there was no ulkuthu – there was no space on the Tshirt either 🙂

      Big Boss Ah Yes ! Thanks for egging me on – Such monumental crap definitely deserves a cartoon gag.

      “OVIYAm” ROFL


  3. (Reader Sirisha Achanta Nagasurya writes in by email)

    As always, brilliant cartoon! 🙂

    Hope you’re doing well! Miss being in the Bank and among such talented colleagues. Do keep sending your cartoons. It is a great way for me to keep in touch with you all and namma ooru affairs 🙂


  4. Thanks rothrocks ! Its such a murky affair. Strange to think that at one point working in Infosys was considered everyone’s “dream job” (an oxymoron)

    After the buyback Infosys will still have $ 4 billion cash on the books.

    Wonder if its still worth buying. I find it hard to believe that any turnaround in the IT industry will happen without Infosys participating in it.

    And NRN holds a substantial stake. I do hope ghe’s got some sort of plan in place to turn things around.

    Disclosure : I hold some Infosys shares and am sitting on a loss.


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