1. That was amazing! I loved the parody even though I have started enjoying the show! “Pig Baas” and the “Save Oviya” cleaning sticks were really well done.
    After I saw the title “Pig Baas,” I thought I was going to see a bunch of pigs with the line “Panninge elaam kootama vandhuruku…Oviya single-a vandhurukaa!” :)) Thankfully you stuck to human beings 🙂 The “Oh, I am feeling blessed” expression on Oviya’s face was also detailed extremely well.
    Thank you for this!

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    • Ram Murali : Goes without saying – without your “follow up” this wouldnt have got done.

      And thank you so much for those detailed comments which I always savour like the “Oh, I am feeling blessed” expression on Oviya’s face.

      She’s cho cute isnt she ? Dictionary definition of cute as communicated to me by my friend Venkatesh Gopal of Evanston, Illinois “Cute = Ugly but appealing”.

      She’s got an impish grin and a wide, generous -er-mouth….like Sophia Loren


  2. Initially i thought those brushes were heads with hair! However, I just don’t understand this fascination with a show that’s clearly being played to the script. My Facebook feed is entirely filled with updates and memes on Big Boss. I read recently that Makkah TV has started a new show in which 5 acres of land will be cultivated and harvested in 100 days. Would be interesting to see how that goes. The agriculturalist in me rejoices.

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    • Kay : Welcome and Thanks so much for checking out my cartoon !
      “brushes were heads with hair” Yes – I was apprehensive about that possibility too 🙂

      Monumental crap like this is manna from heaven for us cartoonists.
      Yes – I did get some very reliable inside information about the kind of scripting that would play out this week and I was astounded at the way it actually played out.

      I welcome the memes though – some of them are downright hilarious and the games being played in whatsapp school groups like who in the group is Bharani and who is Oviya etc etc.

      Ofcourse, depending on one’s life stage one takes different things from watching the show but agree with you is that its not watchable beyond the first couple of weeks – after the novelty factor wears out.

      It’ll be interesting to see if the cultivation in 100 days on Makkal TV can also be scripted 🙂 That’d certainly be manna from heaven !

      Thanks again !


  3. I’m, thankfully, saved from watching the show because that time is taken up by the Sun TV serials in my home. Little did I imagine that one day I would be thanking those god-awful serials for something. 😁

    If only agriculture could be scripted and followed to the T! But such a show would really be interesting in many ways. It would be a test of the competitors’ perseverance, strength and their ability to learn amd adapt. I’m not sure if such a show is really in the offing, but it would be awesome if it did. Fingers crossed.

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